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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Salam,Oya guys!Haila!I cant cleep!Sungguh tencennn.huk3.Huwm.Aja jumpe Video neh kat blog sape tah.Aja men amek jew(neh under youtube,mukan personal video.So nvm la kan.heee).N aja nak share 1song yang aja suka,1st lurv by Utada Hikaru.Dari dulu suke lagu neh.Haila!Lyric die memang touching habes.heee.^_^



Called as Luahan hati from myheart
a person who can understand it;

Haila!Aja tataw la ape yang aja wase.Huwm.Aja tak pernah bercerita secara details about 'myprevious love story' kat blog neh.Sebab aja lagi suke keep it by myself kowt(but i need sum1 to share bout it.i wish i could...).Tahla...Sometimes aja rase macam dah penat sangat sebab ingat dah dapat lupakan 'dia',but the truth's aja tak pernah dapat lupakan sum1 yang dah lupakan aja N dah ade pengganti pom.(i know i already let 'him' go.N im happy for 'him'.i really meant it).Aja plak masih single N im loving it(iklan mcD laks.=PPP).Haila!Im totally tired to keep trying N trying to forget bout 'him'.Almost one and half year la its over.I already forget bout 'myprevious love story'...Its true,but i never ever forget 'him'.Because he's my1st person i ever lurv,1st couple N whatever 1st it could be 'him'...How stupid i am...He's not the only one in mylifes.But he's the 1st man in my love heart.So i dunno how long should i take to forget 'him'...Maybe a rest of mylifes?...Opsss.Exuses for mybad English(we learn from our mistakes.=PPP).N that's it,kang terlebey jewangsss.Tak memasai aja pom nak muntah!hahaha!(laughfing,but the truth's?whatever~)...So...
TC N bUbye 4NOW.

Nota HAILA;I hate this feeling!Please,b strong N keep smiling miss HAJAR!N opcoz keep praying to ALLAH S.W.T...Insyallah u can be the happiest woman in the world!amin...

Lots of lurv,

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