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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Salam,Oya guys~

*Tam-Tam kuat macam kakak kan?Eh tak,kakak kuat macam Tam-Tam!:)))*

"God doesn't require us to succeed; He only requires that you try"-Mother Teresa

ALLAH is looking at our hearts.If we fail,He will still acknowledge our effort if we had the correct motives and did everything we could with the right attitude!:))).

*Im trying to keep da sweetest smile eventhou myheart's keep crying*

ALLAH allows us to succeed,through us taking the initiative.We can only try,we cannot succeed on our own.But if, we try earnestly and honestly,ALLAH will do the rest.Somestimes trying is more powerful, than doing or not doing~
Keep trying guys!:))).So...
TC N bUbye 4NOW.

Nota HAILA;Cant wait for dis coming thursday bcoz of ECLIPSE!!!But also hate dat day coz ada presentation for individual assignment(quotation mother teresa tuh tittle nye!>.<)!Gua cuak sebab tak siap lagi!Atas neh baru skit point yang gua dah buat(ok,brutal skit guna gua kan.;ppp)!hahaha!Wish me luck k!Aja kuat!Kan kawan-kawan?Aja memang kuat!Tq guys for keep reading and supporting me:)))

Lots of lurv,

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