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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


*pain killer for cik Ja's heart!*

Salam,Oya guys!Haila!Few days neh I was really not in a good condition and mood.I have lost my appetite!OhMyyy,I can't believe it!I haven't eaten anything for da whole day!I've been making my self busy with 'laptop' by doing my assignment and kitchen reports without any feelings.I also forgot how to smile!Aigoo!So bad cik AJA!I'm the one who should be happy with my own decision but I was not happy at all!;'[[[..I really need someone to talk to..It might make me feel better..:)))

*airien,cik Ja will talk to you!;)))*

Haila!But its okay..I'm sure dat everything 'll be alright and okay!Time will heal da pain..Soon!:))).Btw,today I feels so glad bcoz my baby demok is here,in GOMBAK!Airien makes me smiling!Airien makes me eating!Airien makes me laughing!Airien is the besh 'pain killer' for my heart!I am so thankful to ALLAH for everything in my life!Always looking forward for happiness in my life.Hope 'you' will be fine and okay too!Sure you will!May ALLAH bless Us always!!!Amin...:))).Done..So...
TC N bUbye 4NOW.

Nota HAILA;We all feels pain in our lives..Use that pain to become a better and stronger person or use it as an excuse not to.;)))

Lots of lurv,

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