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Saturday, November 27, 2010


* Each day,give something good to others.Smile and Laugh more!;)))*
Salam,Oya guys!Haila!They(peoples around me,you guys are included!) makes me Happy!Im thankful to ALLAH for the happiness and what I have in my life.. Even thou the pain is still there,but I'll find a good way to live!Remember all da good memories,ignore the pain!;))).Insyallah will enjoying every single day in my life as much as i could..Syukran ALLAH!:)))

*cik Ja will ALWAYS love you!Not as my niece!but as my own daughter!;)))*
*I love you for FOREVER,akak laling!SISTERHOOD!:)))*
*we are not friends,because we are SISTER!Saranghae yeodongsaeng!;)))*

Haila!Smile when you want to,cry when you need to,laugh when ever possible!
Happy weekend readers!;))).So...
TC N bUbye 4NOW.

Nota HAILA;Do what makes you happy and Ignore what makes you mad. Learn from your mistakes and forget everything sad~;)))

Lots of lurv,

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