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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


*put some makeup on myface and wore rosalinda tudung(bought here)*

Salam,Oya guys!Haila!How was your monday guys?Mine was boringgg.>.<..I wasn't really in a good mood because of something dat not so important and not so worth it to think about.Well,today I went out to Sri Gombak..Alone..Go to the bank,got something to settle down..Went to KFC,craving for three layers tea but sadly habesss!;'[[[.Oso craving for egg tarts!Bought 6pieces for RM10.60..Quite expensive sebab dekat The Baker's Cottage(TBC) is more cheaper,6pieces for RM8.10!Haila!I can save RM2.50 kan!But to lazy to go there..So spend more money for not so delicious KFC egg tarts.TBC egg tarts taste much better than KFC.Crust dia macam too oily taw,tewos cam memek(muak) sangat.But still not bad la..:))).At first ingat nak lepak KFC,tapi canceled sebab dahla moody pastu nak duk sensowang plak.Memang tak lah kan..

Haila!Day after day,I think men are too hard to understand!Too much DRAMA..and it makes my heart tired..I began to question the honesty in their hearts.Are they sincere friends with me or just for fun?Do they love/like me because of my heart or because of my look and my appearance?Frankly,I'm not looking for love.Love is not eternal..Except our love to ALLAH..:))).Enough said..Stay with me if you still want to be my friend..If you ask to be more than a friend,sorry..Haila!My answer would be the same,be my friend..:))).But if you choose to go..I'm pleased because I have no right to ask you to stay beside me..Fuhhh!DRAMA KING sungguh kata fiza(mybeshtie)!;ppp.I appologize if ada yang tewase with my words ke kan.I'm human being,buat silap without realizing it..Sometimes I have to think about my heart first before I think and care about other peoples heart.:))).Enough for now.Lovee youu guys!xoxo!So..
TC N bUbye 4NOW.

Nota HAILA;I pray for a new stronger heart tomorrow!Amin..MNA,only you understand me the most!ILY BFF!:)))

Lots of lurv,

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