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Monday, January 31, 2011


Salam,Oya guys!Haila!I'll be away for few days!This murning(aja ingat ayoh nak kelik pagi,sekali petang-petang skit sebab he got works to do kat opis.uhuuu)This afternoon,I'm going back to my Hometown!But we'll go and sleep at Kuantan first(ayoh ade teje kot).On tuesday will go back to Terengganu and will go back to Kelantan on da same day!Stay at kelantan till Thursday or Friday.Oh nooo!It would be very tired for us!A very short holiday!>.<..So..I won't bring my laptop and P1 WIGGY!Should enjoy my day at my hometown!:))).No laptop,no internet connection and no blog-walking!Will catch up and follow with bloggers story later!Promise!:)))

*I'll be backkk!;ppp*
Haila!Eventhou,I'm away..But pelishhh do stay and visit my blog as usual!;ppp.Aja dah buat about 5 new entry with auto publish function!Gigih kan!Semalam kan rainy day,so aja ber'hibernation'!Jawabnye,jadi kelawar la di malam hari sampai la subuh neh!Sempat buat 5 new entry!HAHAHA!;ppp

*Cant wait to see mybaby demok!:)))*

Haila!Enjoy your Holiday guys!May all of you have a beautiful day with a pinky healthy!Amin..For those who will return to 'kampung halaman',HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY!:)))..Much Loveee!Muahx!So..
TC N bUbye 4NOW.

Nota HAILA;I have changed..But changed for the better person than who I am before..I am grateful for da change..:)))

Lots of lurv,

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